Stem Cell Therapy Cost Information

The costs of Stem Cell therapy and related biological drugs are typically not published any more than the cost of knee surgery is.  However we believe in price transparency so that our patients can make an informed decision, especially when trips to Central America for stem cells can cost $25,000 - $30,000.

Below is a list of our typical fees for various stem cell procedures.  As MSC stem cells are not FDA approved for any specific disease yet, our fees are an estimate based on the amount and type of tissues that are typically used in a procedure in a particular part of the body.  Depending on the scope of the procedure, prices may vary.

In addition to the procedure, there is a consultation fee.

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Consultation                                  Cost                          

Orthopedic focused                       $200                                                 

All other consultations                  $285                                     

All Stem Cell therapy appointments require a credit card to hold the appointment and are subject to a $200 missed appointment fee if not cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the appointment.


Procedure                                       Cost                                       Total ml’s*                

Knee/Hip/Shoulder                       $6,000                                             3                                

2 Knees/Hips/Shoulders               $9,000                                            6   

Soft Tissue/Tendons                      $5,000                                            4

Small Joints                               $4,000 - $5000                                    2   

Wellness Shot/IV**           

​            2-ml                                     $4,000                                             2

            4-ml                                     $6,000                                             4

            6-ml                                     $8,000                                             6

Male Rejuvenation                        $4,500                                     3 + saline

Female Rejuvenation                    $4,500                                     3 + saline

Hair/Scalp                                       $6,500                                     4 + saline

Facial Rejuvenation                       $5,000                                     2 + saline


* All of our procedures include CoreCyte, made from Wharton's Jelly, which has a high concentration of MSC stem cells and is derived from umbilical cord tissue. 


Some procedures also include PolyCyte, AmnioCyte and/or AmnioCyte Plus.  For more information on these biological drugs, visit Predictive Biotech.


** IV delivery of stem cells is considered an “off label” use of stem cells.  

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