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Stem Cell/Biological Drug Therapy Costs Information

The costs of stem cells and other biological drugs are typically not published any more than the cost of knee surgery is.  However, we believe in price transparency so that our patients can make an informed decision and save money.  Our prices are also typically 30-40% lower than other clinics for the same procedure.  

             Total Cost = Consultation Fee + Biological Products + Procedure Fee

Consultation Fee                                                        

Consultation Fee - $200           

Biological Products                             

Wharton's Jelly (1-2cc's) - $1,700/cc

Wharton's Jelly (3-10cc's) - $1,500/cc 

We can also order other amniotic-based biological medicines as well exosome-based medicines.


Procedure Fees                      

Between $200-$400, depending on complexity of the procedure.                


The cost of Wharton's Jelly products may vary.  The prices above are as of July 5, 2021.  Please call our office to confirm current pricing.

Please note: IV delivery of stem cells is considered an “off label” use of stem cells.  

Have a questions? 

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