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Integrative Cancer Support at Synergy 

Welcome to Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic, a sanctuary for comprehensive, adjunctive cancer support throughout your treatment journey. Our unique approach empowers surgeons and oncologists to direct their focus on addressing the cancer, while we diligently prioritize the holistic well-being of our patients. Whether you seek our services directly or come referred from an oncologist, breast surgeon, other medical professional in the Los Angeles area, our commitment is unwavering to provide our cancer patients with unparalleled support.

Dr. Wicher has been treating patients with cancer for almost 20 years with great success.  She stands by your side at every stage of cancer, extending support for years afterward to minimize the risk of recurrence. At the core of our treatment plans are innovative modalities, including IV therapies designed to fortifying the body's natural defenses against cancer. For an in-depth understanding of some of these impactful IV therapies in cancer care, we encourage you to watch Dr. Jen's enlightening 20-minute presentation from 2018.

Embarking on a comprehensive journey, our treatment plans encompass various modalities, each meticulously tailored to the unique needs of every individual:

Dietary Planning

Recognizing the pivotal role of proper nutrition in optimizing bodily functions and fortifying the immune system during radiotherapy and chemotherapy, we offer personalized dietary plans. In instances where your oncologist might not provide dietary advice, rest assured, we step in to ensure you receive essential guidance and one-on-one support whenever needed. Our objective is to not only address the side effects of your cancer care, but also enhance your immune resilience and improve your overall quality of life.

Supplements and Herbs

Grounded in studies showcasing their significant impact on patients with cancer, supplements and herbs are integral components of our treatment plans. These regimens are carefully crafted to alleviate pain and swelling from surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, contributing to an enhanced quality of life and improved long-term survival. Research attests to the positive outcomes observed in lung and colon cancer patients who integrated supplements and herbs into their treatment alongside conventional therapies.


Intravenous Therapies & Mistletoe Therapy

Our recommendations often include various intravenous therapies, such as Vitamin C therapy, strategically chosen to fortify the body's natural defenses against cancer and create an inhospitable environment for its growth. Mistletoe Therapy, gaining wider acceptance in medical circles, emerges as a crucial element in strengthening the immune system. Mistletoe extract has been widely used to support cancer therapy and improve quality of life, but there has been a lack of clinical trials and data to support its use.  Dr Wicher has attended a European conference on Mistletoe Therapy in Germany, where its use is more common.


Lifestyle Counseling

Understanding the profound impact of physical activity and stress management on cancer patients, we provide personalized lifestyle counseling. Recognizing that exercise, stress management, and positive habits play a pivotal role in supporting breast cancer patients, we collaborate closely with individuals to incorporate these elements into their daily lives, maximizing the body's ability to fight cancer. Our focus transcends merely addressing the disease; it extends to improving your overall well-being.


Co-managed Care

At Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic, we advocate for a full continuum of care. With your approval, we can seamlessly collaborate with your oncologist, providing insights into our treatment plan, goals, objectives, and methods. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and integrated care experience, reinforcing your immune system and elevating your quality of life.


Why include Naturopathic Doctors in a cancer patient's healthcare team?


Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the healthcare team of cancer patients. Our focus on holistic well-being, personalized treatments, and innovative modalities complements the efforts of surgeons and oncologists. By addressing the patient's overall health and fortifying the immune system, NDs contribute to a more comprehensive and effective approach to cancer care. This collaboration between conventional and naturopathic medicine aims to optimize treatment outcomes, minimize side effects, and enhance the patient's overall quality of life.


If you are navigating the challenges of cancer, we invite you to explore our successful track record in assisting patients across diverse types and stages of cancer. For inquiries or to schedule a free 15-minute discussion with Dr. Wicher, please call us at (626) 303-3300 and inform our staff that you are interested in a complimentary 15-minute cancer evaluation. Your journey to holistic cancer support begins here at Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic, where we are dedicated to fortifying your immune system and enhancing your overall quality of life.

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