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Adjunctive Cancer Support


At Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic, we provide comprehensive, adjunctive cancer support for cancer patients. We let the surgeons and oncologists focus on the cancer, while we treat the rest of you.  While most patients come directly to us, we also receive referrals from oncologists, breast surgeons and other MDs in the Los Angeles area.


Dr. Wicher consults with patients in all stages of cancer and often for years afterward to help reduce the risk of recurrence.   Intravenous therapies are often an important part of our treatment plans, and you can watch Dr. Jen's 20 minute presentation from 2018 on some of the IVs she uses in her practice with cancer patients.

Supportive IV therapies.png

Treatment plans may include:

Dietary planning  

If your oncologist isn't providing you any dietary advice through treatment, it's because they have none to give.  Proper eating is essential to improving how your body functions, how it handles the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and how well your immune system fights cancer. We provide patients with eating plans and additional 1-on-1 support when needed.


Supplements and Herbs

Studies show that supplements and herbs can have a major impact on many different aspects of cancer care.  Supplements and herbs can reduce pain and swelling from surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and have a substantial implact on quality of life and long term survival. Recent studies on lung cancer and colon cancer patients who took herbs and supplements had dramatically better outcomes than patients who received radiation therapy and chemotherapy only.  Our treatment plans include supplement and herbal regimens and our in-house medicinary can provide you with everything you need, or we'll find it for you.


Intravenous Therapies & Mistletoe Therapy

For many cancer patients we recommend various IV therapies, such as Vitamin C therapy, that improve and enhance your body's natural defenses against cancer and create a less hospitable environment from cancer. Mistletoe Therapy, which is gaining wider acceptance in medical circles, is used to strengthen the body's immune system.  Our Staff attended a European conference on Mistletoe Therapy in Germany in 2014 where it is used more widely.


Lifestyle Counseling

Staying or getting physically active and better managing daily stress is important for breast cancer patients. Lack of exercise, mental stress, anxiety and grief after a cancer diagnoses have a negative impact on many of your organ systems including your immune system and reduce your body's ability to fight cancer. We take the time to understand each patient's unique life circumstances and discuss ways to incorporate exercise, stress management and better habits into each and every day to maximize your body's ability to fight cancer.


Co-managed Care

We believe in providing a full continuum of care to our patients with cancer.  If you oncologist has questions about the type of medical care we are providing you (and most do), with your approval, we will discuss our treatment plan with your oncologist including, our goals, objectives and methods at no additional cost to you



We've had great success in helping patients with all types and stages of cancer.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a free 15 minute discussion with Dr. Wicher, please call us at (626)303-3300 and let our staff know that you would like to schedule a free 15 minute cancer evaluation.

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