Medical Services at Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic

Primary Care Medicine

We're the first place to call if you are not feeling well.  If it's something that requires an MD/DC/LAC specialist, we can refer you and provide you supportive care from a holistic perspective.


Established Health Problems or Diseases

Most health problems can be resolved by treating the underlying causes of disease and supporting the body's natural healing ability.  We help patients understand their disease from a physiological point of view and engage them in treatment.


Naturopathic Therapies

Along with patient consultations and supplement regimens, we use a wide array of naturopathic therapies.  B12 shots, vitamin/mineral IVs, joint injections, ozone therapy and other holistic therapies help patients recover better and faster.


Infrared Mammography

We utilize the most advanced form of breast thermography to help make sure breast cancer is detected as early as possible. Infrared mammography also screens for breast diseases that contribute to breast cancer.  Breast diseases we can diagnose and treat at our office.  It's an amazing tool for prevention and maximizing breast health.


Surgery Rehabilitation

Surgery is traumatic to the body and results in pain, inflammation and a long recovery process.  We provide supportive care, both pre- and post-op, that can dramatically reduce pain and supports faster/better long term recovery.


Cancer Treatment and Management

A wealth of research shows that patients can significantly increase their survival odds, survival length and quality of life by  using supportive therapies.  We develop adjunctive treatment plans centered around diet, nutritional supplements, herbs and other holistic therapies to help strengthening the body's natural defenses against cancer and support recovery from surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.