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Frequently Asked Questions
Have a specific question?  Call us or send us an E-mail!


Do you treat "My Condition"

Probably!  As general practitioners, we've seen just about every major health problem in our 11 year old practice.  If you would like to better understand what we can do for you, call us to discuss your particular health issue with Dr. Wicher or Dr. Barrett.


Do you take health insurance?

We currently do not take health insurance, but we do provide patients with a Claim Form and everything needed to submit to a health insurance provider. HMOs generally do not cover Naturopathic Doctors.  PPOs will typically reimburse for standard bloodwork while consultations are generally considered "out-of-network" or may not be covered at all.  It's best to contact your health insurance provider and ask if they cover Naturopathic Doctors.  Many of the specialty therapies that we use, such as IV therapy are not usually covered by health insurance providers.  


How much do your medical services cost?

For new patients, there is a one-time initial consultation fee of $275 for 90 minutes.  After that, all further consultations with the Doctor are follow-up visits, whether a patient returns 2 weeks or 2 years later.  Follow up visits usually range from 15-60 minutes and cost between $65-$160 depending on the length of time spent with the Doctor.


Patients already under another Doctor's care often have bloodwork completed, which we ask patients to bring with them.  If not we can order bloodwork or other specialty tests to help in evaluating a patient's health status.  If you have an HMO, we can tell you what bloodwork we would like to have done so you can order the tests from your primary care doctor.


A typical acute visit or visit for a minor health problem includes a consultation, bloodwork, nutritional supplements, herbs and/or nutraceuticals.  We maintain an on-site medicinary for patients and can recommend substitutions for medicines that patients prefer to buy on their own.  More advanced health problems often include IV therapy or other holistic therapies.


Visit our Fees for Services page to see the prices of our most common medical services.  


I have a health problem and want to use Ozone/Vitamin C/Prolotherapy/Prolozone/Glutathione/Hydrogen Peroxide or some other form of therapy at your Clinic to treat it.  Can I come in only for that? 

It depends on a patient's specific situation.  Often we have patients who learn about some of our specialty therapies through the internet and are convinced that this or that therapy is the answer to their problems.  While this may be the case, many of these therapies should be supported by other naturopathic modalities to be optimally effective.  In other cases other treatment options may be more effective, so we may recommend a patient come in for an initial consultation to evaluate the best course of care.  For patients who are under the care of another Doctor and referred to us for a specific form of therapy we are happy to provide our services.

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