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New Patient Appointments

New patients undergo an extensive 90-100 minute initial evaluation and consultation during their first appointment with Dr. Wicher.  This provides Dr. Wicher with enough time to develop a thorough understanding of your health history and your health concerns, and to develop an initial treatment plan.  


At the end of your appointment, Dr Wicher will provide you with a personal treatment plan for you to follow for a specified period of time.

First appointments typically include:

  • An extensive review of your personal health history and diagnostic tests 

  • A consultation on specific health concerns, a physical exam or other assessments

  • A review of the patient's diet, lifestyle factors, medications and supplements 

  • A discussion of treatment options and an initial treatment plan 


Depending on the nature of your visit, your Doctor may schedule you for a follow up visit. Follow up visits are scheduled on an as needed basis to evaluate a patient’s progress and to adjust the patient’s treatment plan.  Follow up appointments are typically 30-60 minutes, depending on the reason for the appointment and the complexity of your case.


What To Bring With You

  1. Relevant bloodwork or diagnostic tests (in the last 6 months)

  2. Any prescription drugs or nutritional supplements you are currently taking

  3. A completed copy of our New Patient Assessment Forms 

If you don't have recent bloodwork and need to determine if it is relevant to your initial consultation, please call our office so you can speak with your Naturopathic Doctor to determine what is recommended.  Patients who need bloodwork can request the tests from their primary care provider or we can order the tests for you.  If you have a PPO, the tests we order are normally covered by insurance.   


For more information on insurance coverage, please see our Health Insurance page.

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