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Integrative Orthopedics


Are you a candidate for Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery -- from simple ligament repairs to more complex joint replacements -- is a traumatic experience on the body.  There can be significant pain, and trauma from the surgery and a long road to recovery for patients. 


As both a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a licensed Physical Therapist for more than 20 years, Dr Wicher is uniquely qualified to help optimize your recovery and rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery by utilizing the many different modalities she has learned as a practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine. If you want to recover better, faster and with less pain an inflammation, let Dr. Wicher be your guide.


Personal Experience

Dr. Wicher has been a regular orthopedic patient herself, going all the way back to her youth as starting goalie for the UB Bulls Division-1 Women's Soccer Team in Buffalo.  She set a bunch of top 10 records at UB, which turned into a passion for playing top level club soccer into her late 40s, but has also resulted in 4 knee surgeries.  

Dr. Wicher has used these experiences and the last two decades of practice to build on and expand the healing modalities available for her patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, including patients who are having joint replacement surgery.  Dr. Wicher is really at the forefront of this newly evolving integrative area of medicine.


Free 15-Minute Discussion

Dr. Wicher is happy to extend a free 10-minute discussion to understand a patient's particular surgery, explain what to expect from her treatment plan and answer other questions you may have.  To schedule your discussion with Dr. Wicher call our front office at (626)303-3300.


Can you avoid or delay surgery?

Orthopedic is often necessary but sometimes it isn't.  Patients experiencing joint pain from an injury or age, may want to considering injection therapies available at our Clinic.  Prolotherapy, prolozone, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Wharton's Jelly injections are popular injection therapies that stimulate the body's natural health and recovery mechanisms.  Dr. Wicher provides all these therapies to her patients.

Prolotherapy uses your body’s natural inflammation response to create healing. This is primarily through the use of dextrose, which is injected near the ligament or tendon at the site where it attaches to the bone. The dextrose causes a localized inflammation response, which increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients, thus stimulating the tissue to repair itself.


Prolozone uses oxygen to create healing. This is primarily through the use of ozone, a highly reactive form of oxygen. Ozone is infused into the area aftera mixture of homeopathic anti-inflammatoriesis injected near the joint space. The ozone, in addition to the benefits of the homeopathic solution, re-establishes circulation and supplies oxygen, thus stimulating healing.


To learn more, download our brochure on Joint Pain or call our Clinic with any questions.


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