Breast Thermography at Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic


Mammography use has been on the decline for some time now.  It's no longer generally recommended before the age of 50 and only recommended every 2 years for most women, leaving younger women and other patients more exposed.  Mammography also has limited value for women with dense breasts.  This has left many women looking for other options.   


Breast thermography is a simple procedure that uses a medical infrared camera to screen for breast cancer.    When performed in a well-controlled environment and evaluated by experts, breast thermography provides invaluable information as an adjunctive screening tool for breast cancer.  We recommend most women start with an initial screening at age 35, and then every 2 years from ages 40-65.  Patients with specific risk factors may want to start sooner or continue after they are 65 years old.

The Breast Thermography Procedure

Breast thermography starts with a 15-20 minute wait period in a temperature controlled room.   The thermography technician takes 3 images of the breast region from 3 different angles (left, right and center).   After the initial set, patients plunge their hands in a basin of cold water for 60 seconds, commonly referred to as the "cold water challenge", and a second set of the same images is taken in less than 2 minutes.  This helps improve the accuracy of the results.

The digital images are sent to Therma-scan Labs, who provide the Thermography Report. Therma-scan is backed by more than 35 years of research and more than 1 million imaging studies.  The Report is usually available in 4-7 days, however report times may take longer during the October - December period (we will let you know).  Stat reports are available for an additional $40, which you can decide during your appointment.


.  , we look forward to being a valuable part of a women's breast cancer screening plan, and providing expert advice to healthcare professionals who want to use breast thermography as part of their patient plan.  

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