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Breast Thermography is a powerful and incredibly useful way to screen for breast cancer and should be part of every woman's breast cancer prevention plan.


At Synergy, we utilize an FDA-cleared infrared medical camera to screen for breast cancer by identifying abnormal temperatures and temperature patterns coming from the breast, upper chest and armpit area, including areas missed by mammography.  It's an excellent adjunct to standard mammogram because it can identify new blood vessel development associated with breast cancer and is excellent at identifying high risk patients.


How your breast thermogram is performed matters!  We maintain strict temperature controls throughout the procedure and utilize a cold contrast to minimize false positives. Your digital images are sent to our lab experts who have evaluated millions of breast images.  The lab evaluates your current images, including comparing them against images from past studies. You should know that virtually no other breast thermography lab does this, and it ensures you get the most accurate breast thermography screening available today.  


For most women 40 or older, we recommend:

  • Screening every 2 years until age 70, along with mammograms as recommended by your primary care doctor.

  • Screening sooner if you have major risk factors (such as family history).

The Breast Thermography Procedure

Breast thermography starts by removing your top and letting your body temperature normalize in a private, temperature-controlled room. Our female thermography technician takes 3 images of your breast region from various angles (left, right and center).  After that, patients put their hands in a sink with cold water for 60 seconds (a.k.a. the "cold water challenge") and the second set of the same images is taken over the next 90 seconds.  

From there, your digital images are sent to Therma-scan Reference Lab, who provide us with your Thermography Report.  Therma-scan is backed by 30+ years of research and millions of imaging studies.  Your Report is usually available in 3-5 days, however Report wait times may be longer during the October - December period (we will let you know).  Stat reports (same day/asap) are also available for an additional fee.

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Breast Thermography @ Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic

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