Breast Thermography at Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic


Mammography use has been on the decline for awhile.  It's no longer generally recommended before the age of 50 and only recommended every 2 years for most women, leaving younger women and other patients exposed.  More recently, we've learned that mammography has limited value for women with dense breasts.  Women are left scrambling for better options.   


Breast thermography is a simple procedure that uses a medical infrared camera to screen for breast cancer.   All the images we take during the procedure are sent to Therma-scan Labs, whose diagnostic work is backed by more than 35 years of research and more than 1 million imaging studies.  When performed properly, breast thermography provides invaluable information when used in conjunction with other imaging modalities. 



The breast thermography procedure itself takes about 20 minutes, where we take a series of 6 thermal images of your breast region.  The digital images are sent to Therma-scan for evaluation and a Thermography Report is usually available in 3-5 days, sometimes longer.  

Breast thermography is also more than a breast cancer screening tool. It's a preventive tool as well. A thermography report can help us identify and treat risk factors associated with a a higher lifetime breast cancer risk, via diet & lifestyle modifications. In this way, Breast Thermography can be more preventive than mammography alone can ever be.  


With a decade of using Breast Thermography behind us, we now recommend that all women between the ages of 40 and 65 get breast thermograms every two years.

To learn more about breast thermography, just download our brochure.  And please don't hesitate to email us  or call us if you have any questions. 


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