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Patient Testimonials

Here's what our patients are saying about us! 
If you are a current patient, and would like to let others know about your personal experience as a patient at Synergy, send us an email and we'll add your testimonial to our list.
Patient 1

From Yelp:  If you are interested in seeing someone who truly cares you need to see Dr. Wicher. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and chronic depression for years. Western medical doctors don't know what to do with me. Dr. Wicher spent over two hours with me, asking me questions and sincerely listening. She ordered a saliva test for my hormones and extensive blood work. She e-mailed me a diet plan and called a week later to see how i was doing. When does this happen anymore? I have been to other naturopaths and Dr. Wicher is by far the best. She is extremely knowledgeable and sympathetic. The clinic is not expensive either. A lot of these clinics charge $1,500 to get in the door, which is crazy as they don't accept insurance either. It was $250 for my first visit. AMAZING! Go see her, you won't regret it. - Tessa S., Los Angeles, CA

Angies list patient

From Angie's List:  My husband and I, as well as our two children, use Jennifer Wicher as our general physician. She was the doctor who was finally able to cure my son of his horrific nightmares.  She's extremely intelligent. Not only is she a naturopath but she's a physical therapist as well. I like her holistic approach. She's a very personable doctor who takes A LOT of time with each of her patients. You rarely see that these days. I actually have started taking my children to her as well. I was sick of the pediatrician fly-by visits. We're done with that. She provides us with excellent care. She really knows what she's doing. She holds rather high standards at her office. I really can't say enough good things about her. We can reach her at anytime whether through emailing her or by calling her cell phone. She answers back whenever she can, day or night. - J.C., Monrovia, CA

From Angie's List:  Dr. Jennifer Wicher is a naturopath that fixed my son’s Achilles tendon. That was two years ago, during the summer. She was a physical therapist before being a naturopath. My son had three problems. The first was he had a couple toes that didn’t bend. She used a physical therapy technique to get them to bend. He also had a problem with the ankle that wasn’t moving properly. She used prolozone therapy which injected oxygen into the joint which allowed the joint to heal itself. His tendon, during all his track years in high school, would always be sore. He saw Dr. Wicher who used prolo therapy to inject an irritant. The body sees the irritant and sends in the troops to heal the area. My son says his foot and ankle has never been stronger.  She did a fabulous job. She’s extremely knowledgeable. She’s taken extra training in a number of areas including prolo therapy. She explains things every well, she’s patient, she answers endless questions. She does very good work and is very reasonably priced. He had 3 procedures that she took care of all at once for one price.  - A.W., Pasadena, CA

Dr. Wicher

Current Patient:  I started seeing Dr. Wicher about a year ago.  Another Doctor had diagnosed me with fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  He could feel my fatty liver by pressing on my liver and it was confirmed by an ultrasound and my high liver enzymes.  The only option he gave me was to go on several medications to reduce my cholesterol and my blood pressure with the hope of it affecting my liver condition.  I also have diabetes and I was feeling really depressed because I just felt like I was getting sicker and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

On my first visit, Dr. Wicher reviewed my medical history and the medical tests I brought with me.  I remember she asked me if I was serious about working on my health because, if I was, we could make significant improvements in my disease in about 3 to 4 months.  I was kind of surprised, almost shocked, because no other Doctor had ever told me something like that was possible.  I went home with her treatment program that included supplements, changes to my diet and exercise and continued to see her over the next several months.  I took the supplements she prescribed for me, changed my diet around and started walking on a regular basis for exercise.  Over the next 4 months I started to feel much better.  I had a lot more energy, lost weight and most of my depression was gone.
A few months later, I went back to my original Doctor who had diagnosed me with fatty liver disease.  He did a physical exam on me and was unable to feel my fatty liver and my liver enzymes were close to normal.  The ultrasound confirmed that my fatty liver disease was gone and my lipid panel showed a significant improvement from the last time.  He asked what I was doing and when I told him what I was doing, he was, very skeptical.  He told me I should just keep taking my cholesterol medications and blood pressure medications just in case.  I told him, “no thanks” to the cholesterol medicine and have been working with Dr. Wicher to reduce the amount of blood pressure medication I take and to keep my diabetes under control.  For the first time in a long time, I feel great and feel like I have control over my health again.  I’m glad I found Dr. Wicher because she gave me options to prescription drugs that nobody else did.  - D.S., Alhambra, CA

Dr. Wicher

Current Patient:  I chose a Naturopathic Doctor for my healing, not only because I prefer natural healing methods, but also because I was tired of seeing a doctor (allopathic) pressed in a 20 minute time limit and always walking out with a prescription that I didn’t want and never fully understanding what was happening in my body nor how to prevent it (overmedication is one big factor of my symptoms).  I chose Dr. Jen after conducting a few quick phone interviews.  On the phone and in person, she is very warm, friendly, focused and genuinely interested in learning about me – all in order to support a healing plan.  She has spent a generous amount of time with me to make sure that I understood what was happening in my body and that I was comfortable with the recommended treatment. 
With Dr. Jen’s enthusiasm and support, I followed her plan whole heartedly – even though it meant I had to break some unhealthy/unsupportive habits and food addictions.  I kept my positive attitude and visualized myself already healed and now, finally, I feel in charge and in tune with my body.  A positive attitude was key – I chose to follow Dr. Jen’s guidance with a sense of adventure and ignored the choice to feel “restricted”.  It became exciting to try new recipes and learn about my body by practicing different healing techniques.  Eight months later, most of my symptoms are gone and as an unexpected bonus, I have gained more energy and happiness that has spiraled to other parts of my life.  Thank you Dr. Jen!!  - M.S., Altadena, CA

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